Floor Frame Styles

Liftco offers a variety of floor frames and wall kits that are interchangeable to meet almost any need. You can mix and match most components to create the glide-out you require. Please take a look at the different options available in each category to find what best meets your needs.

Standard Rectangular Floors

Liftco already has multiple sizes of rectangular floors for you to choose from. There is no substitute for a standard slide out floor. This floor style can be used with any wall kit option.

Step Floors

Liftco step floors allow a new variety of glide-out rooms to be creatively worked into your floor plan. A room that would have had to stop short of the wheel well can now simply step up over it to allow maximum flexibility when laying out the coach.

Aluminum Floors

Weight an issue? Liftco offers a weight saving option with our aluminum floor frames. These floors offer lightweight durability along with all the benefits of a Liftco system. Almost any floor style can be made in aluminum with the only exception being stepped floors.

Super Slide Floors

In the event that you would need a floor with an extra extension for a bed or anything else, Liftco developed our super slide floor system that will cover it. The super slide frame system allows longer travel, up to 48”, but maintains all the great features of our other slide-out systems.

Custom Shapes or Specific Needs

Liftco also manufactures a large variety of irregularly shaped floors to fit specific needs of OEM manufacturers. If you need a specific size or shape, please contact our Research and Development department and let us work with you on that project.

Product photos are general photos, they do not display all of the components, features, and benefits which are available for each model.

For further or more detailed information about our products contact us and we’ll discuss the options we can customize for your needs.