Swing Galley

The Liftco Swing Galley is designed to help maximize space in the pop-up camper setting. The swing galley allows your sink to sit on either the floor for traveling while the camper is folded down or on top of the sink base while in use.

However, the biggest benefit of the swing galley is that through its dual arm configuration it locks the sink into a position so that the top of the sink is always parallel with the floor. This allows storage in this cabinet that will not need to be emptied every time you want to rotate the sink and move your camper.

Manual Crank Drill Attachments

Manual Drill Attachments

Any Liftco slideout includes a manual crank for the slideout in case of power failure in the RV, however, Liftco offers drill attachments that will fit our manual cranks for time and “arm” saving while moving the slideout back into position.

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